Women’s last work day

Stand for closing the gender pay gap
Kvindernes Sidste Arbejdsdag

“We have to close the gender pay gap to reach gender equality. We mark this with the Women’s Last Workday initiative. And yes - it is provocative. But it’s also provocative that we don’t have true equality.”

- 17 unions press release

Each year a community of unions join forces to create a campaign called Kvindernes Sidste Arbejdsdag (women’s last work day) to create awareness of the gender pay gap. The Danish equal pay bill was passed in 1976, but the pay gap remains 13,5% percent as of 2021. This pay gap translates to women working as involuntary volunteers from the 17th of November 2022 and for the remainder of the year. 

The first step towards closing the pay gap is addressing it. To create awareness around females of Denmark working as volunteers, we needed a symbol easily recognisable to volunteer work; a wristband. The wristband was distributed through the unions to workplaces around Denmark, it worked as a social campaign and got extended by different organisations supporting the initiative.