The Handmaid's Tale series launch

Not your average stroll through the city
HBO Nordic

As The Home of Series, HBO Nordic had a wish to create buzz around the launch of season 2 of their popular series, The Handmaid’s Tale, we took to the streets - guerrilla style. We physically put the red-dressed Handmaids in the streets of Copenhagen to spread the word of the season premiere that launched the same day.

On premiere day, we sent out the red-dressed Handmaids for a walk in the heart of Copenhagen starting from the City Hall to a number of centered spots to gain great attention from pedestrians passing by.


The silently-walking Handmaids created much attention in the center of Copenhagen by being recognized by pedestrians who stopped to take photos and videos. Whispers of “HBO Nordic” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” by the witnesses of the happening was a side effect that could not have been more spot on.

The stunt was followed up by visuals and a video documenting the walk and reactions on HBO Nordic’s own Social Media. The wonderment ended and users who weren’t familiar with the series suddenly was aware and tagging each other in comments. “Now we know who it was yesterday!”, “Scary! In the cool way…” and “We have to watch this tonight” echoed through the comments of the popular post with more than 4.000 reactions.