HBO's Perry Mason, home premiere

Stand for being together, apart
HBO Nordic

COVID-19 has taken away many great events from all of our calendars including the grand premiere of HBO Nordic’s new crime series, Perry Mason. Normally, HBO Nordic host grand premieres in cinemas for their biggest, new series during the year. However, due to the circumstances, this was not possible.

Nonetheless, no physical premiere, doesn’t mean no premiere at all.


To save the premiere, we put together a special cinematic home premiere kit, with everything a grand premiere has to offer. The kit was sent to both partners, influencers, and competition winners on social media who were all supposed to attend the original, physical premiere.


In a box of aged wood, the attendees would find a red carpet, a movie-projector, a gin with bloody fingerprints, popcorn, premiere tickets, an old-school newspaper, and a personal invitation to turn their own home into a full-blown Perry Mason premiere. 
The kit was staged in the true spirit of the series and created a sense of gathering around the premiere, while being apart and staying safe.

5 influencers.

47 Instagram stories.

600,000+ views.


All five influencers instantly shared their surprised and excited reactions on Instagram upon receiving the home premiere kit, resulting in 47 stories, which generated 600,000+ views.

The Instagram stories were published from the homes of the influencers with lit-up walls, popcorn, and gin drinks giving the premiere back the ‘grandness’ it deserved – proving that not even a worldwide pandemic can stop HBO Nordic from giving their series the platform they deserve.