VELUX Living Places

A new way of thinking about buildings
VELUX (Colour)

We partnered with VELUX to launch Living Places, an experimental living environment, demonstrating that we do not have to wait for future technology to move and improve people’s lives while being regenerative for the planet.

Seeing the target industry as a part of the solution, we developed Living Places as a digital platform to communicate complex information in an easily digestible format.

The result is a 360-degree campaign and partnership, from the teaser phase to opening, activating multiple audiences in the building industry, and sharing the concept and philosophy through interactive platforms:

• Creating a Strong Brand Design & Messaging
• Developing an Engaging Website & Interactive Features
• Showcasing Impact & Expert Insights
• Visualizing Data & Educating the Public
• Establishing Thought Leadership & Providing Educational Resources

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Living Places is an empowering platform for investors, contractors, engineers, architects, and other specialist experts to join forces in a pioneering, multidisciplinary initiative that reconnects people and the planet.

Moving from theory to action, VELUX launches Living Places as a part of their global sustainability strategy and as an unprecedented opportunity to: 

• Showcase VELUX’ Build for Life philosophy
• Engage consumers at home and abroad
• Create lasting industry partnerships
• Meet the Paris Agreement 

All to to position VELUX as a credible sustainable design partner – to lead the way for both consumers and the building industry. An industry accounting for up to 40% of global energy consumption and CO2 emissions.