Hummel LGBTI+ mini-series

Stand for equality in sports

Hummel's vision is to change the world through sports. And as one of the main official partners for Copenhagen 2021, celebrating WorldPride & Eurogames, hummel wants to convey the mindset of inclusivity and openness to people in and outside of the LGBTI+ community.

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It's hard to go the distance without the help of a few good people. In work. In sports. And in life in general. Even the success of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) on a sports team depends on the strength and support from key figures in their life. That's especially true for many LGBTI+ people, who also need to compete outside the running court and tackle cultural barriers on their way to the top. So we moved the focus from the individual to their Most Valuable People. Because individual success is a team effort.

Jon Lee-Olsen

Professional Ice Hockey Player

The solution was a three-part mini-series with the first professional ice hockey player to ever come out Jon Lee-Olsen, talented artist Tina Engberg and elite runner Annah Ritah. We invited them to celebrate their unsung heroes. The ones that made a difference in their journey.  Together with hummel, we helped pay tribute to a mom, a close friend and, a special person helping to navigate a world where the word 'queer' isn't even on the radar. 

At the end of each portrait, the Most Valuable People are surprised with a hummel jersey with their name printed on it. Although hummel is responsible for all official Copenhagen 2021 merchandise and apparel, involving a jersey was never part of the initial brief. Instead, it simply felt natural to let each interviewee meet up with and hand over a physical token of gratitude to their Most Valuable People.

Annah Ritah

Elite runner