HK Fritidsjob youth campaign

Helping the young understand their workplace rights
HK (Light)

HK’s vision is to become the most influential union and the preferred choice among young people.

With 275,000 members HK is Denmark’s largest union for salaried employees within both the public and private sectors. HK’s vision is to become the most influential union and the preferred choice among young people.

HK found a great deal of inattention and uncertainty among young part-time workers regarding rules and rights at their workplace. This was supported by an evaluation report from Jobpatruljen in 2018 showing that 91,8 percent of young people in part time jobs experience illegality in their working conditions.

Based on these findings, HK decided to focus their communication to young part-time workers with the aim of familiarizing them with their rights for proper terms of employment, including signed contracts, 30-minute breaks, payment during illness and decent work hours. However, with a topic which the target group is not likely to pay attention to, combined with a social media world filled with constant noise affecting the attention span, the challenge was to strategize how to break the sound barrier and gain the awareness and curiosity of the 15-20-year-old.

The solution was a peer-to-peer social media campaign in which young influencers became the face of the communication and passed on the message based on their own experience. By researching the target group, we found some of the most influential Danish YouTubers, who owns great trustworthiness among the young people and teamed up with Kristine Sloth (with 360,000+ followers) and Rasmus ‘Lakserytteren’ Kolbe (with 112,000+ followers). To ensure a communication strategy at eye level with the target group both influencers were invited to co-create the content and concept of the campaign.

The goal of the campaign was to increase the awareness of rights for young part-time workers on the most popular social media platforms among the 15-20-year-old, including Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Also the goal was to get the target group to sign up for a membership with HK so the organisation can support them in their jobs.

After only five days the campaign showed great success and generated 680,000+ impressions on Facebook, 250,000+ impressions on YouTube and 510,000+ impressions on Snapchat, including 20 percent who watched the videos to the end.

Also, in only five days 50.000+ UNIQUE VISITORS clicked in to HK’s campaign site ‘Under Uddannelse’ after watching the videos on social media.