Do you see the red flags?

Raising red flags and public awareness.

“More parents, siblings, friends, and neighbours
are calling Danner these days because they see
and react to the red flags.”

- Head of Communication and Knowledge, Danner

In Denmark, we raise our flag for all kinds of occasions. Weddings and funerals, jubilees and birthdays – even just if the weather is nice. Yet, we need to get better at raising the most important flags. The red flags. The ones that warn us about gendered violence.

A staggering 118,000 women experience domestic violence in Denmark each year, with eleven women losing their lives at the hands of their (ex)partners just last year. This devastating reality is why we joined forces with Danner to raise awareness and help everyone recognise the warning signs of domestic abuse.

We raised red flags across the country; at bus stops and metro stations, in restaurants, bars and malls, shared them on social media, handed them out on the streets, and published them in national newspapers – all to make sure that next time anyone has a nagging feeling that something might be wrong with a sister, colleague, neighbour, or friend, they’ll recognise it as a red flag and know where to call.

Let’s raise the red flags and revolt against gendered violence.