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Discovery platform & re-marketing engine
Choice Hotels

To deliver on our broader marketing and acquisition strategy work with Choice™, there was a need for a simple and inspiring cross-device experience that had strong SEO at the heart. The content-driven platform needed to be easy to use, encourage discovery and above all else, let the locations do the talking.

We gathered travel and booking insights from previous Choice™ projects and augmented that with new research around how people emotionally connect when in the dreaming and planning phases of their travel bookings. We found that the highly personal process, lead to the need for a more personalised experience, with people wanting to be able to find inspiration within their own niche.

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We designed a user experience that was built upon categorisation, allowing users to discover a destinations hidden gems within their own passion area. So whether it's the wine trails of Stuttgart, or the music scene of Salzburg, users can get lost in content that connects them to a location on their own terms.

As a soft-branded platform, the call-to-booking needed to be subtle and seamless. We designed a 'Choice Hotels availability' tool, that turns simple arrival and check-out dates into a hot lead, handing them on to to finalise their booking. Users that dropped off, would enter the marketing machine of our broader strategy and begin the journey of exciting, relevant content, delivered straight into their Social feeds.

In its first 6 months from launch, the Travel Top 6™ connected strategy and web experience led to a 36% increase in room bookings for Choice Hotels across Europe.

Carl Oldsberg, VP International Operations, Choice Hotels, proudly presenting Travel Top 6™ results at the European brand conference in Valencia.