Circular furniture production - with Wehlers.

Because recycling is a great place to start, but a bad place to stop.
March 24th, 10:00

Our 3rd SESSION is all about Circular Economy, and why recycling is a great place to start, but a bad place to stop. When it comes to production, which responsibilities do brands have in making the process sustainable, and how can they include all stakeholders in the supply chain to create a circular economy?

Tune in to our SESSION #3 on March 24th to find out.

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Every year, around 8-10 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean. It is estimated that about 46% of this comes from one single source: fish net. And it’s hardly news anymore that the pollution of the oceans is a major issue that not only is damaging sea life but also has a negative impact on the climate. Since 2017, the sustainable furniture company, Wehlers, has actively worked on giving ocean plastic a new life purpose - by creating sustainable furniture.  

On our next SESSION we’re sitting down with Henrik Holm, the Founder of Wehlers, to talk about recycling, sustainability and Circular Economy.

Wehlers has established their own ecosystem, which makes sure that the ocean plastic never ends up in the oceans again, by including both designers, manufacturers, logistics, and of course, their consumers, in their 360-approach to sustainable production. At our SESSION, Henrik will share some of his insights and best practices on how brands can benefit from building their own ecosystems, and the benefits of including consumers in their circular behaviour.

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See you on the 24th! 

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