Say YES! to something new.

Stand for sustainable packaging.

Being one of the first to introduce paper wrapping to the confectionary market, Nestlé wished to highlight not only the delicious and natural ingredients of the snack bars, but also put focus on the recyclable paper wrapping. We took the challenge, and made sure that this was not just going to be an ordinary PR event.

The hostesses, Mette Marie Lei Lange and Cana Buttenschøn, invited their fellow influencers and helped throw an intimate and personal launch event - and gosh were they in for a surprise! Besides experiencing and capturing the spirit of YES!, the guests had to actively engage by saying YES! to something completely new! 

The experience

We invited a professional coach to surprise the guests and host a mindful eating session that was both unexpected, fun and engaging. Blindfolded, the guests had to use their senses to identify the YES! bars. This enabled the guests to engage with and familiarize themselves with the brand, the feel of the wrapping and the natural ingredients as well as leaving a long-lasting impression. 

By throwing an engaging and unique launch event, we created a lot of buzz and impressions amongst the target audience. Including both the paid and earned collaborations, we were able to reach 75% of the potential audience.

The stories from the collaborations lead to a total of 550,000 organic impressions (490,870 unique views), exceeding their total follower-number of 288,994.