DRIVR ride-sharing mobile app.

Standing for green transportation.

After the initial DRIVR brand creation, the second phase of our engagement with DRIVR was developing the User Experience and designing the User Interface for both the Driver and User side of their product experience.

The understanding was clear within the team from the beginning, that we were designing a user experience for a service that most first-movers would already be very familiar with from UBER’s short life in Denmark. Our goal was to find a way to remain familiar, but design clearly within the DRIVR brand and where possible, push the service in ways that make it more specifically tailored for the Danish market.

App showcase.

UI actions.

The development of User Flows was extensive, as the plan was not to design for MVP, but design the final solution and cut it back to an MVP for launch. We covered all bases, ideating new features and created opportunities for the brand identity to play a strong role within the experience.

Throughout the design process we identified new features that would move the DRIVR app’s appeal beyond that of it’s US competitors, and as the final designs and features continue to roll out to the public, we’re excited to see these features play a leading role within the brand experience.