Ascend Hotels Collection rebrand.

Universal style for a global hotel franchise.

The Ascend Hotels Collection is the upscale hotel line from Choice Hotels. Differing from all other Choice Hotels brands, Ascend is a “soft-brand”, purposefully created to allow boutique and historic hotels to maintain their own personalities and visual identities, whilst benefitting from the broader Choice eco-system and loyal customer base. 

With more than 350 Ascend hotels globally ranging from iconic properties like Skt. Petri in Copenhagen to La Cabana in Aruba , the need for a consistent brand system was essential. Not only to align the more adventurous properties, but also to offer the less creative franchises a brand wrapper that they could lean on.

The elements within the Ascend brand, all center around a subtle red thread - physical ascension. Whether it’s the single line that creates the levitation of the Ascend lettering in the logo, or subtle overlaps of content to create a soft three-dimensional element.

Logo, boxed.

Logo, transparent.

The logo mark itself is purposefully simple, intended as more of a stamp or badge that can identify properties as part of the collection. We kept it black and white so that it doesn’t compete with existing hotel identities and allowed for a transparent option for the more picturesque locations.

Whilst all hotels within the collection must carry the Ascend logo mark, the franchise is intended to offer a "soft" approach.

Properties with a lower level of individual branding, or minimal internal marketing resources, however, still require a flexible and easy-to-use identity that can compliment and lift the image of their property. To accommodate these needs, we delivered a simple set of brand guidelines that could be layered over the properties existing materials.

Brand palette.


Responsive logo.

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